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Register Now to learn dental handpiece sales & repair.

Private Training Courses and Group Training Seminars Available!



We will show you how to open your business for as low as $999!


--Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios in Orlando, July 10-13, 2014



Register Here before all spaces are full. 





--New York New York in Las Vegas, Summer 2015


--Caesars Atlantic City, Fall 2015





Recent Testimonial


"...By the way, the training course was very informative, interesting, & educational. Your teaching/instructional style was very effective in terms of allowing us the time & support in retaining the necessary concepts, and skills in dental hand piece repair. I was very impressed with Paul's patience in supporting our group during hands on training and his thorough delivery of the theoretical component of the training was excellent. In addition, Amanda's marketing session was extremely advantageous in learning the essential aspects of marketing this business. She offered us creative, innovative and effective strategies in securing potential clients. It is very obvious that Paul & Amanda have the necessary expertise, experiences, skills and knowledge in supporting their students in being successful dental hand piece repair technicians. Again a "Great" course, well worth the monetary investment."



Another Recent Testimonial


"Looking for Handpiece Training? You can’t go wrong with Orion. When I was researching business opportunities, I considered purchasing a franchise, attending training with an established company and using their name, or taking a private class. I decided a private class was right for me and Orion Dental Training had the best bargain. After completing my course with Paul and Amanda, I know I made the right decision. The skills acquired during each session are remarkable. The materials and support you receive make a great combination for successes. If I had to make my decision over, I would not change a thing."  https://www.facebook.com/OrionRepair



 A Quote from a recent person who attended our training


"We chose Orion to show us how to open our business, and it was the best choice we could have made.  They go above and beyond to help you succeed."




Another Quote from a recent person who attended our training


"Absolutely the best value in the industry for training Dental Handpiece Repair entrepreneurs.  Thanks once again for an excellent training conference."










Would you like to make more money, a lot more  money? 



No pushy sales needed, just let the dentists near you know you offer handpiece repair & the business will come! 




Dental Handpiece Drill Repair is one of the most common repair services used by every dentist in the world.




We are the largest handpiece trainer in the world with people trained from dental labs, clinics, hospitals, supply houses, repair centers, dentists and bio medical technicians from the following countries; 

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Guyana
  • India
  • Thailand
  • South Korea
  • Philippines
  • Australia



 Profits of $100 - $500 per handpiece!


No Prior Experience Needed.


You can pick up 3-8 handpieces at average offices per pick up.


We will show you in a weekend how to repair highspeed and lowspeed dental handpieces.



 The Video views best in full screen format.

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Dental Handpiece Drill Repair is one of the most common repair services used by every dentist in the world.







 We Teach you How to Repair Dental Drills 





WeTrain You



Have you been layed off recently, had your hours cut or see change coming that may not benefit you?  Or, are you just ready to make a career change?  Join us for the weekend to learn how to open your own business with minimum costs.   For just a small amount of travel & expenses learn how to open a new business from home that has high demand, low start up costs & immediate cash flow.
Control your destiny, open your own business!

Layed off Recently?

We will show you how to open a simple & profitable business from home in a stable, growing industry for much less than our competitors!  Be in the dental industry with stable growth that you control.
How to Own your Business Today for Less!

Need Extra Income?

Calling one & all!  No previous experience needed.  You can with a very small investment, a weekend of your time & a little bit of travel learn the skills needed to open a small business within a month of your return home.  You can be on the way to a business that builds long term accounts & long term income with no employees needed! 
Learn the skills needed to open your business!

Proven Plan!

We have trained over 200 people from around the world to open their own business.  Follow our check sheet of things to do before opening & begin to market your business quickly after training.  Professional customers, high worldwide demand in every office, many add on sales/services & follow up support included.



Do You Want to Change Your Life, add income & own your own business?

We will show you how!


Learn How to earn a very good income, grow a real business with no employees while working from home.

  • No Prior Experience Needed.
  • Learn in 1 to 6 Days.
  • Private Training Courses & Group Seminars Available.
  • Less than $2,000 can open a high end business.
  • Stable, growing & recession proof industry.
  • Every dental office is your customer.
  • Easy to operate, no employees needed.
  • Full or part time.
  • No Franchise fees.
  • No Territories to buy.
  • Same equipment used worldwide, live where you want!
  • No Pushie sales needed, service is in high demand.
  • Every office uses this service, we offer it with:
    • Quicker return - 1 to 3 weeks quicker.
    • Lower Prices - Half the repair cost for avg. customer.
    • Better Service - Great customer service, versus - usually much less.
  • One Time Fee - Teaches You Everything You Need!
  • Sale, Service & Repair high end dental equipment.
    • Learn to repair the dental equipment in Las Vegas.
    • Or, if you choose, mail it off for repair instead of doing it yourself.
  • We Train You!  Orion is the trainer of trainers.
  • World's largest provider of dental handpiece sales & repair training!
  • Private Courses & Seminars Offered-Next Seminar Available Now.
  • Compare us to the rest, then come to the recognized best.
  • We turn over all the knowledge to run the business.
  • No ongoing fees - one time seminar or course fee.
  • Financing Available.
  • We have trained over 200 people from countries around the world:


  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • England
  • Ireland 
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • France 
  • India
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Australia




Practice Innovations - Handpieces

DPR Magazine 


The dental handpiece is probably the most often-purchased piece of major equipment in general dental practices, according to the results of DPR reader surveys over the past 10 years or so. First, on a daily basis, it’s obviously the most used piece of equipment. And, because handpieces now are subjected to regular sterilization, they require replacement more frequently. In fact, this has been the greatest challenge recently for handpiece manufacturers – developing a handpiece that can withstand the rigors of repeated exposure to steam and heat. Design refinements in fiberoptics, bearings, and other internal components, as well as the use of corrosion-resistant materials, have significantly improved handpiece efficiency and longevity along with comfort and ease of use. This improvement effort continues to be a work in progress.

DPR’s Editors 




We Train You How To Open a Dental Handpiece Sales and Repair Center


Join us to learn the skills needed to open a dental sales & repair center which is a profitable, stable and simple business concept.  Or, use this training to add to your income with a business that can easily be run part time from home.  This business has low start up costs, has high demand, is recession proof and has immediate cash flow.  Reserve your spot now, before all spaces are full. 


Join us to learn a new business that has:

        • High Demand
        • Low Start Up Costs
        • Immediate Cash Flow
        • Can be run full or part time
        • Not Labor or Space Intensive
        • No Employees Needed
        • Can be run from home
        • Large Growth Potential


We Teach you How to Repair Dental Drills 


We Train You
Training Seminars
Join us to learn the skills needed that will show you how to open a dental sales & repair center which is a profitable, stable and a simple business concept.  Or, use this training to add to your income with a business that can easily be run part time from home.  This business has low start up costs, high demand, recession proof and immediate cash flow.  Schedule your spot now, before all spaces are full.
Now Offering Financing! Now Offering Financing for Training Seminars


Compare the Value!
      • Franchisers over $50,000
      • Orion Private Training about $25,000
      • Las Vegas Seminar-as little as $999per seminar.
Contact:    Paul Laird
Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair
E-mail:  admin@orionrepair.com Telephone:  888.674.6657
Fax:                  800.737.0795
Upcoming Events
We Train You Seminars
8:30am - 5:30pm
Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair
The World's Largest provider of handpiece repair training with previous customers from:      USA                    Canada      Mexico                England      France                Italy      Belgium              Guyana      India                   Thailand 
South Korea        Australia
Copyright © 2013 Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair All rights reserved. Thank you for your previous interest in our dental handpiece sales and repair training courses. Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair is the World's Largest Supplier for Training in Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair. We train you to open your own dental handpiece sales & repair business with low start up costs, high demand and immediate cash flow. Orion Dental Sales, Training & Repair 4000 Harvey St Se Port Orchard, Wa 98366



 We Want To Train You to Be Your Own Boss!


  Join us this time at NYNY in Las Vegas!




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Simple, low cost training shows you how to earn income quickly after training in the dental industry.
High Demand & Stable
Open a Dental Sales & Repair Center...Low Start Up, High Demand & Immediate Cash Flow..... Take Control of your Destiny.  Be Open within 3 weeks of training.
Training from the World’s Largest Dental Handpiece Repair Trainer...Learn from the best, follow a simple plan.
This is one of the most common services used by every dentist all over the world.
We have trained people to open their own business from the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, Guyana, India, Thailand, South Korea and Australia.
Now Accepting Registration to our Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Orlando Training Seminars.
Limited Spots Available.
Financing Provided180 Days Same as Cash with Long Term Financing Included
Announcing Partnership with PayPal for Free Financing of Opening Costs, Travel, Lodging, & Training!

Please, email if you would like more information or if you would like a specific question answered. We look forward to helping you, if we can, to open your own dental handpiece sales and repair center.  A good place to start reading information about our training courses is under the Frequently Asked Questions section.

We offer an independent option to open your dental handpiece sales and repair center rather than a franchise for a one time fee for our training seminars.  We do not restrict you in any way in the operation of your business, and you would be free to locate it wherever you choose in the future. 
We train you to provide a local sales and service option with your own company to the dentists in your local area.  Each and every single dental office around the world uses this service, with most offices mailing them off to a company far away.  You will compete against national and mail order companies.  But, by being in the local market through a combination of speed, price, and service, we are able to offer a better option to dentists with a quicker repair time (days instead of weeks), better customer service (personal service instead of poor service by phone) and much lower prices (usually about half the prices of their current national service).  We are not a franchise.  We offer an independent option for a one time fee, rather than a franchise. 
Unless you prefer a private training setting, which we think is the best format, we would suggest attending Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our training Seminars, as this is a 75% savings over our private courses.  These seminars offer a rare opportunity to learn a good business that is sold by franchises for over $60,000. 
Seminars Content:
    1. Day 1, Sales & Marketing Seminar
    2. Day 2, Highspeed Handpiece Repair Seminar
    3. Day 3, Lowspeed Handpiece Repair Seminar
    4. Day 4, Extra Handpiece Repair Practice Lab
Seminars will sell out.  Register Early.

We also have discounts for guests, spouses and assistants in case you will be bringing someone with you.


We have been offering this training for over fifteen years, in addition to our normal sales & repair business. We have trained over 250 people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guyana, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, India, Thailand, Australia and South Korea including individuals with many different backgrounds from dentists, hygienists, hospital technicians, office workers, people from all walks of life, new business owners, American, German, and Indian engineers. 

We offer an independent option rather than a franchise at a much  better value to open a dental handpiece sales & repair center. We are the best choice to open your dental handpiece sales, service, and repair center. And, in addition to having the recognized best trainer in the industry, we are the largest supplier of dental handpiece training in the world.
I will be happy to talk by telephone to provide a brief introduction, lasts 3-4 minutes, on our training courses and seminars to open a dental handpiece sales and repair center.  Afterwards, I would be happy to answer questions or discuss anything further.  We are also happy to answer any questions by email, chat or by telephone.  We specialize in training new business owners, dental labs and bio medical service centers to open a dental sales and repair center which specializes in dental handpiece sales & repair. 
Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to helping you, if we can, to open your dental sales and repair center.  And, we look forward to meeting you in Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Orlando.  Please, email, chat or call if I can answer any questions or discuss anything further. 
  • We train people from all walks of life including people who want to go to work for themselves, Dental Lab Owners, Handpiece Repair Centers Worldwide, Handpiece Surgeon, supply houses representatives, hospital bio-medical technicians, lab technicians, dentists, supply companies, and others.  We have trained new business owners from around the world.  Why go to our students when you can come to the professor.  We are the world's largest provider of handpiece repair training.




Positives of our Business Training Courses in Dental Handpiece Sales & Repair


  • Low start up costs
  • Immediate cash flow
  • Easy to operate
  • No geographical restrictions
  • No royalties
  • We offer more for Less
  • Home Based Business


  • Not a Franchise
  • Not labor intensive
  • High demand
  • Compare us to the Franchisers
  • Can be run part or full time
  • No franchise fees



We welcome business from all countries of the world.








Learn Dental Handpiece Repair & Open Your Own Business



We believe in great customer service, good planning, hard work and long term relationships.



We Teach you How to Repair Dental Drills 




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 Learn Dental Handpiece Repair from the World's Largest Provider





We Train You Seminars  

We have discounts for guests, spouses and assistants.  





Register for Las Vegas 





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To receive financing for training courses or seminars, select Bill Me Later during checkout--financing provided by PayPal.  PayPal provides 180 days same as Cash with long term financing included. 




More Information from PayPal Available Here 





 We Teach you How to Repair Dental Drills 









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